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Date: APRIL 8

Rastin's New Song "Tamasha Kon Tamasha mo" OUT NOW

A NEW Collaboration with poem , writer, and lyricist: Iraj Jannatie Ataie and Music writer & produccer Farid Zoland. A rythmic, romatic and energetic song for this summer parties and memories. The music is arranged by the young and talented Armin Yousefi. the music video is directed by koji and will be released soon.
Release date:April 8


29 JAN

Date: January 29, 2018

Rastin's New Song "100 Khatereh"

A NEW Collaboration with Farid Zoland the Composer and Bardia Nejad a Young Talented Lyricist and Arranger Aram Avagyan, created this energetic and rythmic

music which has a touch of flamenco flavor and spanish salsa beat that will keep you dance all night. With Rastin's Vibrant voice and this energetic music and

romance in its lyrics, you will enjoy love and celebrate this years valentine with passion and love. Rastin will be performing this amazing song with his "BIG BAND"

Live in concert on Saturday April 21, at the amazing NOVO in the Heart of LA LIVE. Dont miss this amazing night, Get your Tickets Today!















18 Sep

Date: SEP 18 2016


Rastin's anticipated New Song "Parvanegi" is out now on iTunes. Music by Farid Zoland, Lyrics by: Iraj Jannatie Ataie, Arranged by: Vahan Iskandaryan. please view the official Music Video directed by: Behrouz Alvand and post production by: Eltan Nouri

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Date: MAY 2 2016


"Ghoroor" is Rastin's New song Music by Faramarz Nasiri, Arranged by: Arash Azad Lyrics by: Bahar. Please view the official Music Video directed by: Behrouz Alvand and post production by: Eltan Nouri

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About the band


"Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue."


Hailing from his stomping grounds of Tehran and born in (May 2 1977 in Tehran), and moving to Sweden in 1988, Rastin has received significant means of influence in creating a signature sound that blends the genres of Classic Pop, Upbeat and Rhythm & Blues, along with Modern Persian beats. With a melodic style that is pure and powerful, drenched in an array of Modern/Traditional tunes, Rastin’s voice paints music with lyrics that evoke a strong sense of romanticism, love, political agenda, and miraculous existence. Comprised of the mega producer, Farid Zoland, and the all time lyricists, Shahyar Ghanbari, Ardalan Sarfaraz , Iraj Jannatie Ataie and Zoya Zakarian who have been collectively, composing a unique sound and poems for the past 40 years. Alongside the pioneers of the era, Farid Zoland, Ardalan sarfaraz, Shahyar Ghanbari and Iraj Jannatie Atie, Rastin is responsible for igniting, Taraneh Nouvin, a 1970′s movement in the Iranian/Persian community which transcend the traditional sound to contemporary Pop. As the crew is positioned at the forefront of exposing the world to Taraneh Nouvin, The evolution sparked when Rastin embarked upon his teenage years and began to pay attention to music and the art of singing. Rastin started a band with two of his teenage friends, performing cover songs in accapella; accompanied by the percussion and two, Spanish guitars. In 2000, Rastin relocated to Los Angeles as a means of finishing his studies and promoting himself as an artist. Influenced by such artists who include, Dariush, Ebi, Googoosh, Sting, Andrea Buccelli and Depeche Mode, Rastin began recording career-defining songs. In 2005, Rastin recorded Zalem, a track that was two years in the making; as it took Rastin a significant amount of time to find the perfect Producer/Composer (Farid Zoland), to create the record. As Rastin released his first, full-fledged, studio LP in June of 2008, Simorgh, the album was received with both critical and commercial acclaim. Spawning personal and fan favorite singles that include, Gole Man, Khosh, Hesadat and Zalem, Rastin was also given an opportunity to work with Ravi, a well respected, music video Director. Collectively, Rastin and Ravi were able to create 4, innovative videos to bring some of Rastin’s smash hits, to life. Rastin is presently in the studio working on a follow up album that will be released to the public in 2009. Upon official distribution of the new album, Rastin will embark upon a world tour that will span the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East, as well. In honor of the success that Rastin has garnered as the result of a number one, debut album, features in Tapesh Magazine and Javanan Magazine are already in production. Ultimately, Rastin wants his musical and lyrical originality to transcend his career into a level of success where he can simply sing for those who love and appreciate the true artistry of music and sound..

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